From the makers of the original Knefeh French Toast

Our Story

Knefeh Factory is Australia’s first knefeh factory. 

Our mission is to put knefeh in every person’s house across the world.

In 2017, Lebanese Australian cook Salam Daher experimented with knefeh cheese inside a french toast at her cafe. Customers loved it. The Knefeh French Toast was born. Now it’s a popular menu item found at cafes across Australia. 

In 2019, Salam pioneered to deliver Australia’s first frozen knefeh trays on shelves. 

In 2020, to meet the growing demand Salam established Australia’s first Knefeh Factory in Sydney. Currently wholesaling Knefeh French Toast and Knefeh Trays directly to stockists, distributors and retailers across Australia.

Origins of Knefeh

Legend has it the knefeh first originated in the Levant region in the 10th century. The region includes Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Syria. Knefeh comes from the Arabic word ‘kanaf’, which means to shelter.

Whilst its origins are debated, one thing is certain – millions across the world love this savory, stretchy sweet cheese pastry that melts in your mouth. 

Growing up in Sydney, Lebanese-Australian Salam Daher indulged on her mother’s incredible knefeh recipe. Her passion grew and she ultimately created her own unique knefeh variation. This lead to the creation of the original Knefeh French Toast – a popular dish served in cafes across Sydney. 

In 2020, she established Australia’s first Knefeh Factory. Now, the factory brings authentic Lebanese flavours and recipes to the everyday consumer in search of a delicious sweet dessert. 

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